Mialisia Jewelry

createlookMialisia Jewelry, launching in July 2013, is a new home party plan company offering today’s busy woman a fabulous and fun career alternative.

Boasting a patent-pending jewelry concept unheard of in the industry, Mialisia (pronounced mee-uh-lee-see-uh) expects to shatter records with its outstanding new jewelry concept which provides women with stylish, on-trend jewelry pieces that are interchangeable and versatile.

Mialisia Jewelry believes that the jewelry you wear is an extension of you. It expresses your mood, your attitude, your personality. That’s why Mialisia’s interchangeable jewelry, backed by a lifetime limited warranty, converts into a dozen different looks providing both options and value to the woman on the go.

The entire Mialisia Jewelry line is both stylish and sophisticated, but it doesn’t carry the expected price tag.


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The Mialisia Jewelry Story

anneliseAnnelise Brown knows exactly how important it is to a woman to look and feel beautiful despite a hectic schedule; she is a stay at home mom with four energetic young boys and rarely has time to herself.

She believes that no matter who you are – be it a corporate executive or a stay at home mom – you deserve to look and feel extraordinary and one of the easiest way to immediately feel stylish and beautiful is to put on a necklace and bracelet to enhance your wardrobe.

As with most multi-tasking women though, Annelise had several situations that required completely different looks. She wanted something cute to wear at the grocery store but needed a trendier piece to wear to the PTA meeting. She opts for a more elegant style for when attending church or stepping out on a date with her husband. Shopping for jewelry could get expensive pretty quickly at this rate.

For a family of six, splurging on new jewelry wasn’t her first priority. So for fun, she began a new hobby: designing jewelry. And, Annelise knew exactly what she wanted to create; jewelry that would meet the needs of today’s modern day, multi-tasking woman.

In stores, stylish typically equates to expensive and affordable means cheaper quality or lack of sophistication. So with this in mind, Annelise began creating her line immediately. She developed a totally new concept for jewelry whereby the wearer could interchange a necklace and bracelet into nearly a dozen different looks and styles.

Imagine owning 2-3 pieces of jewelry that transform into 25+ different styles and looks! The concept is so unique it is now patent-pending.

In the last three years, selling at craft shows and on popular websites Etsy and Shop Lately, Annelise built a Million-dollar business – right out of her basement as a stay at home mom.

Today, she is sharing her success with you. You can have your own jewelry business with a product line that no other company offers…Mialisia Jewelry! It’s stylish, functional, customizable, and affordable jewelry with a twist!

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